Inspection Equipment

  • Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm 7525SI - 7-Axis High Accuracy Portable CMM Arm with PC-DMIS CAD++ Integrated RS3 Scanner
  • Mitutoyo LH-600D 0-38” Height Gage, +/- .00001 resolution
  • Precision Granite 72”x48” Table, Grade A Inspection
  • Mitutoyo SJ-201 Surf Test
  • Various gage blocks, micrometers, calipers from reputable metrology companies

Multi-Axis Machines

2016 Okuma LU35-II/2000-M (VDI) with OSP-P300L Control and 7.08" thru hole Super Big Bore Spindle Upgrade, 24" Schunk front chuck and 24" 4-Jaw Universal rear chuck, 29.1" swing, 14.1" integreated steady rest, 50HP, 3200rpm, 81" Centers,  12-Station upper turret and 10-Station lower turret for simultaneous 4-axis machining

2016 Toshiba TUE-200(S) VTC with Fanuc0iTD Control, 79" Universal chuck, 95" swing, 68" under the tool, 33,000lb table capacity, 60HP, 3000rpm live tooling

CNC Mills

2010 Mazak VTC250D/50 Vertical Machine Center, X 82.7” x Y25” Table, X69.3” x Y25” x Z25” travels, 30HP, 6000rpm, 12” Kitagawa full 4th axis, Cat 50, 213psi thru the tool coolant, Air Blast, Renishaw Tool Probe, Renishaw Spindle Probe, up to 6000lbs work piece.

Multitasking Machine Center

2009 Mazak Integrex E650H-II, 24” Kitagawa Chuck, 6.5” thru hole, 36.2” swing, 60HP, 1600rpm, 122” Centers,  10,000rpm 50HP milling, 25" manual steady rest, Renishaw Tool Probe, Renishaw Tool Laser, Renishaw Spindle Probe, 5 axis Simultaneous.


Support Equipment 
-OMI 10-Ton Overhead Crane System

-1-Ton Electric Hoists

-FIAC Silver 30 Screw Compressor, 30hp, 116cfm 

​​-FIAC Silver 10 Screw Compressor, 10hp, 50cfm

CNC Lathes

2010 Mazak Nexus 350-II, 12” Schunk Quick Change Chuck, 4” thru hole, 26.8” swing, 40HP, 3300rpm, 60” Centers, 12 position turret, up to 2000lbs work piece.

2010 Mazak Nexus 450-II, 21” Schunk Quick Change Chuck, 5.5” through hole, 33.25” swing, 40HP, 2000rpm, 80” Centers, 12 position turret, 9.25" Integrated LNS steady rest, up to 5000lbs work piece.

Manual Machines

Warner & Swasey 3A Turret Lathe – 22” diameter part maximum
Bullard High Column 36” VTL – 40” diameter part maximum