BEXXT Values We Embrace

Core Values (Defines who we are):

  1. FUN - We Believe in having fun and enjoying what we do.
  2. ACADEMIA - We are a learning and teaching organization.
  3. CLARITY - We value clarity and use written processes and metrics for that purpose.
  4. TIMELINESS - We are on-time and true to our word.
  5. SPEED - We push to reduce processing time in everything we do.

Permission to Serve Values(Values that we believe are basic requirement to be in this business):

  1. We provide and maintain a safe work environment for all team members.
  2. Our Quality Plan is integral to our business.
  3. We treat all stakeholders fairly - Team Members, Customers, Vendors, and Suppliers.
  4. We must make a profit in order to remain in business

Message From The CEO

“Bexxt is excited to begin a new year in 2016.  Our values based culture has provided guidance on our journey of continuous improvement and meaningful contributions to our employees, customers and community.  As part of this continuous improvement we are pleased to announce the promotion of our General Manager, Robert Bird, to the position of President.  Join us in congratulating Robert as he serves our employees so that Bexxt can continue to serve our customers and community.”

Ken Breaux

Bexxt, LLC Has Moved

Bexxt, LLC has recently completed our move in July 2016 to our new manufacturing facility in Cypress, TX.  This new facility has approximately 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 10-ton overhead lift capability, and sits on 5.5 acres of land for future growth opportunities.  This new facility will allow us to keep up with our current customer demand as well as allow us to continue to invest in our customers', both current and future, growth.